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Welcome Portal Page


Welcome to Su Clinica’s Patient Portal, our newest advancement in making communication with our patients easy and convenient. There is no charge for accessing and using the portal. The portal will help you connect with the Su Clinica staff. All you need to use the portal is a computer with Internet access, or a smart phone, and your login information.


You are now able to: review parts of your medical record, request appointments, receive appointment reminders, view medication lists, request refills, view test results, view immunization records, obtain patient educational materials, and more. Best of all is your health information is secure, private, and easily accessible.


The Patient Portal will help Su Clinica do its most important job of making sure we can help you and your family, maintain optimal health and better connect you to your medical home.   Your medical home is a place where your doctor and a team of professionals work together to focus on your needs by providing access to health services when needed. The team of professionals will coordinate and manage your care inside and outside the clinic. It is also a place where you can partner with the health care team to better understand how to stay healthy and self-manage your own medical conditions with educational tools provided to you by your team.


Su Clinica is committed to providing you and your family the highest standard of care, in the most convenient way possible. To help us keep this high standard of care do not hesitate in letting us know how we can better help you and your family.  


Elena Marin, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Su Clinica




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